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Gail Lesher

THE Most affordable, accurate and experienced you will ever find!
           ~Suzanne '16

$65.00 per hour

$35.00 half hour

Just so you know what you're getting into, here's an explanation of the different types of services and tools we offer.


Humor  - Life can be harsh enough, so "we" do my best to deliver your messages with some humor, style and flare!

"I used to always say I was a "Comedium", not very funny,
just medium funny, now that I do this,
it became a natural title as I am known to be a humorous and sometimes, even "colorful" Psychic Medium." 
                                        ~G. Lesher, Psychic Comedium


Grounded Coming from a Sales and Engineering background, logic and proven methods are key; living in the intuitive world can the complete opposite!  Translating Divine messages into practical applications is "our" specialty. There isn't going to be a whole lot of fluff during your Reading -  Just plain, straightforward, sometimes silly, sad or less even than ideal, messages are going to come thru for you! Please be prepared for ... truth and Adult Conversation!

PLEASE feel free to bring a list of questions !


Integrity is a term applied to dark, murky information you may not wish to receive but, alas, will not be withheld. We believe in knowing the good, the bad and the ugly in order be best prepared for what life has in store for you. If you are looking to hear what you want to hear or just want "feel good info", you may not wish to ask the question at all!


Validation  Feel free to bring a recording device so you can listen to your session later on. Most individuals record via their cell phones. NO video will be allowed.


Proven Skills and Divination methods

Gifted since birth

Practicing since 1999.

Certified since 2004

and performing professional Readings in:
Tarot Cards
Dream Interpretation
Spirit Guides
Spirit Boards
Astral Projection
Crystal Energy
Paranormal Researcher
Channel Medium

Other studies include:
Abnormal Psychology
Reiki and Massage
Handwriting Analysis
Astral Projection
Automatic Writing

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All 6 Senses in not liable for any use or misuse of products. For Entertainment purposes only. Must be 18 years or older to order. Must 18 years or older to participate in reading and other services.. Always consult your doctor before starting a new diet or herbal remedy; and for any product interaction with any medication you use. Individual items may vary. Not intended as Medical Advice. Additional charges may apply to Custom Baskets. Use basket contents at your own risk. Home based business is properly zoned and licensed in the city of Chandler, Arizona. All services by appointment only. All 6 Senses reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime without previous notice. All 6 Senses is a registered Tradename. Copyright Laws apply to all content. PSYCHIC COMEDIUM and ALL 6 SENSES is registered as Intellectual Property. ALL 6 SENSES does NOT Authorize ANY AUDIO OR VIDEO REPRODUCTION OR DISTRIBUTION of recordings of Readings or Cleansings on ANY public format or social media. All Rights Reserved.

They talk about us
behind our back!

You can't even imagine how much your last reading helped me! Thank you!
~Julie, Phoenix, April 2014

Wow! You solved a decade old problem that has been plaguing me. It all makes sense now! Thank you sooo much!
~Janette K, Scottsdale, February 2014

I can honestly say I have never met anyone like you, and I have had a lot of readings.  That was really intense!
~Tonya G, Scottsdale, February 2014

Thank you for your great advice! You brought happiness to my life at a time when I felt despair. You bring happiness to so many so I hope many bring happiness to you.
~Yvette D, Casa Grande, September 2013

3 months ago I went to see All 6 Senses, with so many questions.  I had so many life changing decisions to make and was paralyzed with fear. All 6 Senses made me feel comfortable immediately and taking the advice to heart I am now in a safe and happy place. Later All6 called me, checking to make sure I was okay, this only confirmed to me they were more than I could have ever expected or hoped for. They made time for me on such short notice and changed my life, I’ll be forever grateful.
~Teresa F, Chandler, September 2013

I am delighted to have had a reading with you, for the first time, I am leaving feeling happy! You are spot on about EVERYTHING! Thank you!
~Marianne, Tempe, August 2013

I just wanted to say thank you for what you did for me yesterday. It pretty  much changed my life....
~Bryon, Glendale, April 2013

I have always been interested in all things "psychic" and was a true skeptic until I started seeing All 6 Senses back in 2003. Gail makes you feel incredibly comfortable; so much so that you're just able to relax and enjoy your reading. Having significant knowledge of metaphysics and her ability to interpret Tarot cards along with the messages that she receives has made me a true believer. Over the years Gail has touched on so many things that no one could have known; names and specific incidents as well as advice for the present and future. 

I recently lost a friend in a tragic accident. I went to Gail with hopes of getting some some type of closure since I was never able to say goodbye. Without my prompting, Gail was able to tell me what happened as well as other personal things related to my relationship with this person. She has given me names and messages from deceased loved ones which has brought a sense of comfort to me over the years. She has advised me on all things related to my personal life, present and future. My most recent reading shook me to my core; I am able to see things so clearly now. Thank you Gail for an incredible reading. I highly recommend Gail to anyone looking for guidance and/or messages from "beyond."
~Deb, Phoenix, January 2013

I had high expectations coming here, but you even surpassed those! I am impressed! Thank you.
~Roger, Queen Creek - March 2013

What a wonderful exchange last evening! I loved my reading and found our conversation to confirm the multitude of things revolving in my world.
~Michelle, Phoenix - April 2010 mind is officially blown!..... wow!
~Frankie, Phoenix - September 2013

The things you said were uncanny! Its like you were sitting there during the conversation!
~Debbie, Litchfield Park - October 2012

omg She flipped over the Gift Basket! Thank you so much! She loved everything in it! You are the best!
~Betsy - All 6 Senses Metaphysical Gift Basket - March 2012

I took your advice and it took care of that person at work I had a conflict with. It is all good now. Thank you!
~Erica, Scottsdale - June 2011

Thank you so much for last night. I was totally blown away by you. The things you told me about the situation with my kids has given me hope and something to work for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.I'm so glad that you're my friend and a part of my life.
 ~Deborah, Glendale - May 2009

I am very glad my friend met with you, he seems to have returned to the friend that I met. The communication has brought us together again.
~Michael, Phoenix - March 2008

I am sooo glad I was with you when I received that call. I don't know what I would have done without there to guide me through what was going on...AS it was going on. Thank you so much! ~Trisha, Gilbert –as loved one was trapped in fire. - August 2007

You have an amazing gift with your psychic abilities, but your heart and your ability to positively impact peoples' lives is your greatest gift.
~Brian, Gilbert - March 2007



12:00PM TO 9:00PM

CLOSED Wednesday & Thursday

$65.00 Per Hour

$35.00 Half Hour




I've never been given so much information before! You sure do pick up the vibes, don't you? Just amazing... I am sooo glad I came to see you!
~ Jessica, Tempe - October 2013